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Although there is overlap, following your intake there is a split in service pricing offered: Ketamine infusion treatments and IV Therapy (which includes NAD+). The goals of service is to improve your overall quality of life by addressing the root cause of your ailments and addressing deficencies by the intravenous route in order to expededite the time it takes to achieve desired results. 


All patients are required to have at least a CBC, CMP and Thyroid panel done prior to their first treatment. 

All patients receiving Vitamin C must obtain G6PD levels. 

Ideally labs can be obtained prior to your intake evaluation (after your 15minute free phone call with Dr. Mallek initial recommended labs will be determined). 

Other labs that could be of benefit include vitamin levels, lipid profiles, urine studies, iron studies, and/or relevant genetic studies. 


  • One Hour Intake Evaluation

In order for us to optimally design a personalized treatment plan a comprehensive intake with a physician that includes reviewing current concerns, medical history, labs, medications, supplements, physical exam, wellness assessment (oral intake, sleep hygiene, exercise regime, social connection) and treatment plan design is performed prior to your first infusion.

Patients that are being referred over by another provider, as well as booster transfers, will receive 1/2 off their intake price. 

Our services pricing

Ketamine Infusion Rates

  • 1 hour infusion
  • ---- Discounted Price
  • 2 hour infusion
  • 4 hour infusion
When you purchase a treatment package (listed on the right), you receive a 20% off discount
What you need to know about the Ketamine Infusions rates

For mental health disorders – 1 hour infusions
An initial treatment series of 6 infusions is recommended.

We offer a 20% discountmaking infusions $400 each instead of $500.

For mental health + chronic pain (migraines) – 2 hour infusions
A treatment series of 4 is recommneded

We offer a 20% discount making infusions $680 each instead of $850.

For neuropathic pain (as recommended by RDS foundation)

An initial series of 5, 4-hour infuions, is recommneded. 

We offer a 20% discount making infusions $1,000 each instead of $1,250.

What is included in the price?

NAD Therapy

  • 500mg
  • 750mg
  • 1000mg
What you need to know about the NAD Therapy rates:

Packages of 5 – 10% off 

Recommended for anti-aging at 500mg: – 10% discount – $450 per infusion (saving you 250$ on the package)

Packages of 10 – 20% off

Recommended for neuroregenerative conditions (saving you up to $1,400)

NAD infusions take from 2-8 hours to be complete. 

Custom Infusion Rates

  • High Dose Vitamin C
  • NAD+
  • Vitamin C 75g
  • Immune Cocktail w/ NAC
  • 1L Fluids
  • 30min follow up

    For as you go patients

Packages expire after 1 year of purchase.

What you need to know abou the Custom Infusion rates

These infusions can vary greatly based on the needs of the patient. Some infusion packages Prices range from 75$-350$ depending on contents.

Some packages, such as anti-aging, can be purchased at a discount however 

Listed on the left are some popular vitamin infusions that are commonly used however more are available depending on your needs. 

Vitamin infusions without NAD typically take anywhere from 45min-2 hours where as infusions with NAD typically take 2-8hours to complete.  

We do not accept insurance

We will generate a Superbill to aid you with reimbursement however there are no guarantees as insurance companies have been increasingly difficult to work with. We will work with you and revise the Superbill up to 3 times in order to help you get reimbursed

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