Patient Prep

How to Prep for Your
Ketamine Journey

Ketamine infusions are helping countless individuals however the thought of embarking on this journey can be rather daunting for some. In this page we will explain how to maximize your ketamine infusion experience by adequately preparing and integrating your journey. If you still have questions or concerns after reading this content please do not hesitate to contact us.

This page should be sufficient to help you with the basic resources needed to maximize your experience. The most important aspect is that the work here is actually done. For a deeper dive we recommend the book (100% elective) Ketamine Infusions: A Patient’s Guide 2nd Edition. This book is geared towards patients and will guide you to what to expect during our infusion experience and how to get the best results from your journey. Relevare has no financial ties to the author. 

Prepare Your Body - Prepare Your Mind

Ketamine can give you an opportunity to alter the perception of yourself and the world in a positive way. Inner subconscious realizations may come to light and trauma from the past may be released and finally let go. 

The day before your detox from alcohol, eat a well balanced meal, get some healthy movement in and make sure to get a good night of rest. The day before try if possible to surround yourself with lighthearted activities that are in line with your identity (for example, don’t watch a scary movie or the news if it tends to stress you out, maybe it’s a good night for a comedy special). If you happen to have an unexpectedly bad day the day prior to your infusion (for example a huge fight with your partner or receive some terrible news) give us a call so we can best determine how to best proceed. 

Finding Intention

Intentions can be different for each but it is essentially an idea with a specific goal for guiding your through process. Activities that can help guide one’s intentions include:

  • Journaling: this is a private writing exercise where you can jot down your goals, what you hope to learn, and what you are looking to resolve in life. It is also helpful to journal following your treatment in order to recall as much as possible and solidify your experience. Sharing this with your therapist can also be beneficial.
  • Meditation: this is the practice of mindfulness. This can make you consciously aware of what is going on inside your body and mind and help experience them in an insightful manner.
  • Therapy: when therapy is done in conjunction with ketamine treatments your chance of success is increased in a significant way.

Setting Intention

Before each infusion having a specific intention in mind can be helpful for many. Don’t overthink it, if this becomes too stressful then just think about why you reached out to us in the first place and trust the process. Some examples of helpful intentions include:

  • Gratitude
  • Feeling Worth and Belonging
  • Nurture my inner child
  • Love
  • Relax and Let go
  • Strength & courage

During the Infusion

Preparing before the infusion is important however the key during the infusion is –  lean into it

Know that you are in a safe environment, know that there are others that care for you nearby and always available, know that all the preparation is done and it is time to simply go with the experience. 

After the Infusion

Immediately (within an hour) after the treatment is over we suggest setting a new intention with your experience. Your mind might be moving very fast and you may find it difficult to put your experience into words. The thoughts and actions you engage in after your infusion are crucial. Ketamine induces neuroplasticity, the formation of new nerves and connections, and the more you engage in desirable thoughts and actions, the more likely they are to stick. This is where Integration comes in. Reflecting and acting upon the insights learned during your treatment session can have profound effects. 

Integration Enhancement

Schedule time for yourself to process for an hour or two after the infusion. Some activities you might choose to engage in:

  • Pay attention to your “gut feelings.” This is your subconscious communicating with you.
  • Contemplate old undesirable habits and unhealthy behaviors you want to change
  • Express what you experienced through writing and/or art
  • Talk with supportive and trustworthy friends and family. Hold onto your intentions and don’t let the opinions of others overpower you.
  • Consider starting a new routine or habit. Even starting with only 2 minutes a day can make a big difference. 
  • Meditate in order to really get in tune with your body and mind
  • Have an appointment set up with your therapist ideally the following day (or later that day if it was early) after your treatment. 

Activities to AVOID

  • Take what you saw literally- many experiences can be symbolic
  • Don’t make dramatic life changes immediately. Concentrate on reasonable incremental changes. Drastic changes can be stressful and can potentially backfire 
  • Avoid overstimulation, stressful work or chores, or such situations immediately after your infusion. The remainder of the day should be really taken for yourself and your healing
  • Avoid telling others they have to have the ketamine experience – it is not for everyone for a multitude of reasons. 

Patience & Responsibility: Finding the Right Balance

Remember every infusion experience is different. Not always will your ketamine experience be immediately insightful and what you remember can be variable. Some days you might lose motivation to make the changes you wanted. This is OKAY. Be patient with yourself. As days pass your perspective of the experience will change and new clarity might be available.  The experience can go down an unanticipated path, which is why having an open mind and open expectations is found to be helpful.

The desire and motivation to make changes are the strongest immediately after your infusion and can weaken over time. This is where integration falls in. In order to make these healing changes long lasting it takes work. You will need to be honest with yourself, dedicated to your improvement, and with the right support and tools we believe you can get closer to where you want to be.