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Fast & Efficient Anxiety Treatment in Arvada

Ketamine has a rapid effect on the brain with studies demonstrating neurogenesis (new brain cells) and synaptogenesis (new connections between brain cells) within hours of administration. Similar to its mechanism for other mental health disorders, the effect on anxiety is quick. Many patients report immediate relief shortly after their first ketamine infusion session. Generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, is widespread and affects many of us in the community. The vast majority of the literature exists on major depressive disorder (MDD) and treatment-resistant depression (TRD), however, there are promising preliminary data on the benefits of ketamine helping individuals that deal with their anxiety and other mental health conditions.  

At Relevare, we are proud to be at the forefront of medicine offering ketamine infusions for the application of anxiety and trauma disorders. Many with anxiety, as expected, are anxious about their treatment experience. We spend time preparing you for your treatments and your sessions are held in a relaxing and safe environment. With an IV we are able to quickly treat anxiety or any unwanted side effects. In addition to an inviting environment, we are a fully equipped medical clinic and are ready to act in the unlikely event of an emergency. We offer integration sessions with your treatment series that focus on physiologic fundamentals and we work closely with your psychiatrist and therapist to ensure you get the most benefit from your treatment.

Restore Your Life

This is a chance to get out of your head and back into your life. You will be able to visit your anxiety without being fused with that perspective.  

If you are dealing with an anxiety disorder, ketamine infusions may be able to help you hit the “reset” button and take back control of your life.

How Does Ketamine Help Treat Anxiety?

Ketamine is known to act on the NMDA receptor as an antagonist, meaning it blocks the action of that reception. In addition, ketamine also acts on the AMPA receptor (an action of R-ketamine that is missing from the nasal spray Esketamine). The downstream effect of the action on both these receptors results in modulating signals and decreasing the amount of glutamate, a major neurotransmitter inside the brain. Glutamate is actually involved in more than 90% of all excitatory function in the human brain. This is why it is so useful for so many disorders including anxiety. With the inhibition of glutamate, you get an increase in brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This is huge since it leads to the formation of new neurons (neurogenesis) and new pathways (synaptogenesis). Ketamine works, unlike no other medication. In addition to its action on NMDA and AMPA as stated above (which is thought to be the primary mechanism), it is also effective on aminergic, opioid, and cholinergic systems. This could also contribute to behavioral and neural network changes, which is exactly what we want. Scientists conducted a randomized, placebo-controlled crossover trial in 2018 that showed a significantly greater reduction in anxiety relative to a placebo. A recent systemic review published in 2021 of randomized controlled trials of ketamine in the treatment of refractory anxiety spectrum disorders demonstrates ketamine may be broadly effective across treatment-resistant anxiety spectrum disorders. You can download these two studies and find more educational videos and some of the latest scientific literature visit our science and education page. 

This unique mechanism contributes to ketamine’s fast action with fMRI studies showing these changes within 2 hours of these infusions. Conventional antidepressants, which increase the number of neurotransmitters available, such as serotonin, take multiple weeks to start taking effect. Ketamine starts working within hours.  The effects of ketamine are fast following an infusion however there is data to show that these effects typically last only a week if a single infusion is done. A full treatment series has more long-lasting results which are why a treatment series of 6 is recommended. We want to make sure that these new brain cells are making the right connections therefore we use integration sessions with your treatments to help you with the right thought patterns and behaviors so that these effects can last as long as possible. 

During Your Ketamine Infusion

We strive to ensure all of our patients feel as comfortable as possible in their private, themed rooms during treatment. We promise individualized care and our full attention. Ketamine can make patients sensitive to sound and light therefore each patient gets optional nightshades and noise canceling headphones and a personal tablet where music is streamed. Although a lot of patients, especially those suffering from anxiety, can be nervous about their first treatment, by their second treatment they are feeling a lot more relaxed and looking forward to and more open to the experience. It is definitely a process and different for each of us and we are here to help you if we can. During your intake, we will take the time to explain what to expect and how to set a proper intention for your session. To find out more about the journey visit our Patient Prep page. For even more information we recommend the book A Ketamine Infusion: A Patient’s Guide 2nd edition. It was written in plain language by a ketamine patient herself. We are not affiliated with the author or published, we just found it to be a useful resource. 

We are a fully equipped medical facility ready for the unlikely event of an emergency. Dr. Mallek is a board-certified anesthesiologist with extensive experience in situations far more acute than those encountered at our clinic. The clinic is designed to be comforting, and the right setting for the treatments offered.

Restoring Hope

If you tried and exhausted other anxiety treatment options only to be left feeling the same as when you started then it’s time for a change.

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