IV Therapy

About IV Therapy

You are what you eat is only partly true. You are what you absorb is more accurate. Intravenous or IV Therapy is a method of nutrient delivery that offers 100% bioavailability to your cells. 

In addition, IV therapy allows us to achieve treatment levels much higher than would be possible with oral administration alone. This translates to a range of clinical benefits including increasing your mental clarity and focus, strengthening your immune system, and improving your overall natural healing response.

NAD+ Therapy

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an enzyme found in all living cells and has been proven to play a significant role in health and lifespan.

Studies show that it can help fight the effects of aging and chronic conditions on the body and brain. Patients tend to feel a boost in energy and cognitive performance as well as improved sleep quality. 

Our body utilizes NAD+ daily for key metabolic processes in the body. IV NAD+ therapy is a great way to give your body the boost it needs. Oral therapy with NAD precursors is recommended in addition to IV therapy to help replenish and maintain adequate NAD levels.  

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IV Therapy Infusions

We offer a variety of IV therapy options that are tailored to your needs. The infusion benefits can potentially include improved cognitive performance, anti-aging effects, improved hydration status, decreased PMS symptoms, and decreased severity of pulmonary exacerbations. 

Prior to your first infusion, you will have a consultation with our medical doctor where your health goals, medical history, and laboratory work will be discussed. This way we can best formulate an IV therapy treatment and schedule that best suits your needs. 

Intravenous therapy is a great and sometimes necessary way to replenish, refresh, and enrich your body. These methods are safe, quick, and easy options to jumpstart your health or get it back on track.

Why Choose Relevare?

At Relevare, you can always expect to receive medical-grade service in a relaxing and comfortable spa-like setting. We perform an in-depth intake evaluation so that we can prepare a treatment plan that works in line with your goals. We are a fully equipped medical facility and all of our providers are ACLS-certified. 

In addition, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality ingredients. A major ingredient that sets us apart is that we opt to use Plasma-Lyte as our principal crystalloid fluid. Plasma-Lyte closely mimics human plasma in its content of electrolytes, osmolality, and pH. Normal saline, which is the most common fluid type used, has an acidic pH of about 5.5 and is composed of only two electrolytes: sodium and chloride. 

Plasma-Lyte solutions are pH balanced at 7.4, the same as human plasma, and contain a mix of electrolytes including magnesium, potassium, and acetate (which produces a metabolic alkalinizing effect). Simply put, Plasma-Lyte benefits not only include volume replenishment, as does normal saline, it also addresses acidosis and better contributes to electrolyte deficit correction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Intravenous (IV) therapy infusion therapy brings hydration, minerals, electrolytes, and other beneficial compounds right to the cells. Intravenous infusions allow us to bypass the gut and the liver that breaks down a lot of compounds. The intravenous route offers 100% bioavailability to the tissues, making it the most effective way to get certain nutrients, especially if you’re a person with gastrointestinal absorption issues.

Intravenous (IV) infusions are 100% bioavailable, so the formulations are readily available to the tissues. The IV route not only allows you to bypass gut absorption and liver metabolism, but it also allows for high serum levels that you are unable to obtain with oral ingestion alone. IV therapy offers many benefits as the treatment can be tailored to your specific needs and personal goals. The blends that we offer carry a vast variety of potential health benefits, including:

    • Boost in Energy
    • Boost in Cognitive Performance
    • Hydration
    • Improved Metabolism 
    • Immunity Support

Time between infusions depends on the particular infusion and the reason you are receiving the infusion. This will be determined at the time of your consultation. Many of these infusions can and should be used with oral supplementation. 

Our IV vitamin therapy generally takes 30 – 60 minutes, but it depends on the infusion being administered.

IV therapy infusions are generally considered very safe. Because there is always the possibility of an allergic reaction, you will be screened and asked for any history of allergies. Some bruising and mild discomfort may stem from the infusion site, but these effects are generally mild and temporary.

The intake evaluation is charged at $200/hr and typically is done within an hour. 

The cost of each IV therapy will depend on the contents and frequency. Each infusion will range from $75-300. 

Most of our IV therapies offered are not covered by insurance. If your treatment is for a particular diagnosis that warrants such treatment there is possibility for insurance reimbursement and we can issue you a Superbill. Coverage for IV therapy depends on your insurance provider, your specific plan, and the reason you are receiving the treatment. However, historically speaking, reimbursement is rare. 

  • Relevare offers medical grade IV therapy in a relaxing and welcoming spa-like setting. There are two main things that set our infusions apart:
    • We use higher quality isotonic, pH balance fluid called PlasmaLyte (pH=7.4, which is the same as the human plasma). The vast majority of other establishments use normal saline, which has a pH of about 5.5, which is adequate for rehydration but can contribute to further acidosis. Read more about the benefits of PlasmaLyte here.
    • Schedule an appointment to meet with our physician and get a custom infusion made specifically to suit your needs and schedule. Learn more about Custom Infusions here.