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Colorado's Premier IV Therapy & Ketamine Infusion Clinic

At Relevare, we believe each individual deserves high-quality healthcare provided in a comfortable, inviting, and healing environment. Dr. Mallek has over 10 years of working with intravenous ketamine and Relevare serves as a referral for medically complex patients. To learn more about what we represent and our facility please visit our About Us page. 

Each one of us wants to find relief from the symptoms of the conditions we struggle with and Relevare is here to help. Ketamine treatments have been shown to be fast and effective for those struggling with mental health conditions such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, and OCD. Chronic pain conditions such as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Phantom Limb Pain (PLP), and migraines have also been shown to benefit from ketamine treatments. Ketamine works by a unique mechanism that differs from traditional antidepressants and can help those who failed conventional treatments. 

We also offer custom IV therapy and NAD+ infusions to help with conditions such as aging, cognitive decline, IV hydration, and immune recovery. 

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Ketamine can help provide rapid relief for the symptoms of various mood and pain disorders.

NAD+ Infusion

NAD+ can boost energy, improve cognition and improve craving and withdrawals of substance abuse.

IV Infusion

Tailored revitalizing IV infusions based on your individual needs. Learn more with a free consultation today.

Conditions We Treat

What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine is an FDA-approved non-opioid painkiller and dissociative anesthetic that has been in use since the 1960s. It is a versatile drug with many uses and also has a high safety record therefore was added to the list of Essential Medicines by the World Health Organization.

In the last two decades research has shown ketamine treatment is a powerful tool for a number of various mental health and pain conditions.  Ketamine is off-label and it is not experimental. According to the Agency for Healthcare and Research and Quality around 20% of all prescriptions in the United States are off-label use. This number jumps up to about 45% when dealing with psychiatric medications. Ketamine has been shown to be safe and effective and therefore is endorsed by both the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) and APA (American Psychiatric Association)  as a treatment for depression. 

If you have been dealing with the symptoms of a mood or pain disorder we can likely help. We invite you to learn more about the clinical use of ketamine as a possible treatment option for you.