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Our mission is to relieve your suffering and empower you to lead a valued, meaningful, and dignified human life.

Colorado's Premier Ketamine and IV Therapy Infusion Clinic

We believe in a holistic, team-based approach to healing, that relies on finding the root cause of problems and incorporates the biopsychosocial model of health and healing. Intravenous Ketamine, Lidocaine, NAD+, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and other IV therapy treatments are powerful tools that have helped change the lives of thousands. These treatments can serve as a reset, decrease pain, and help give you a boost so you can live a life in line with your goals and values.

 We are servicing the Greater Denver and Boulder areas, including Arvada, Broomfield, Wheat Ridge, Thornton, Superior, Louisville, Northglenn, and communities all along the Colorado Front Range.

Our Services


Ketamine can help provide rapid relief for the symptoms of various mental health and pain disorders.

Lidocaine Treatment

Lidocaine has powerful anti-inflammatory as well as the ability to block and modulate signals from the nerve and brain.

NAD+ Infusion

NAD+ can boost energy, cognition, and decrease craving and withdrawals of substance abuse, especially alcohol and opiates.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

ALA has antioxidant effects which may decrease pain associated with chemotherapy induced & diabetic neuropathy

Conditions We Treat

What you should know about Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine treatments have been shown to be fast and effective for those struggling with mental health conditions and chronic pain conditions, such as:

Ketamine was FDA-approved as an anesthetic over 50 years ago and is now considered a breakthrough in the treatment of various mental health disorders and chronic pain due to its unique mechanism of action. Ketamine is used off-label in the treatment of mental health (over 40% of psychiatric medications are off-label) and is endorsed by both the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) and the APA (American Psychiatric Association) as a safe and effective treatment for depression. 

What you should know about NAD+ Infusion Therapy

NAD+ is a natural molecule that is found in every single cell of our body. Levels of NAD decrease with age and chronic disease/stress.

Boosting NAD levels has been shown to increase energy, improve mental function, decrease cravings and relapse in addiction, decrease pain, decrease inflammation, and have an overall restorative and anti-aging effect.

The IV drug has powerful effects, however, it is considered investigational and is not yet FDA-approved. 


Safe, Controlled, Affordable, Effective

Relevare’s Intravenous methodology is the Gold Standard in ketamine delivery, as supported by clinical studies.

Our methodology produces fewer side effects and allows us to correct any negative reactions in seconds.

Our environment is a comforting fully equipped doctor’s office stocked with oxygen, continuous monitoring, and emergency supplies and our staff are all trained in advanced cardiac life support.

We invite you to learn more about the clinical use of ketamine, NAD, and other modalities that could be of benefit as a possible treatment option for you.


If you have been feeling stuck, and struggling with chronic physical and/or mental illness we can likely help.

All Relevare patients receive a thorough and comprehensive consultation during their first visit that allows our experienced medical professionals to determine what treatment options will best serve their unique goals.

Our pricing structure seeks to make these treatments accessible and affordable to everyone. Financing is available. 

We are here to restore hope and help you get back to the life you want for yourself.

We invite you to learn more about the clinical use of ketamine, NAD, and other modalities that could be of benefit as a possible treatment option for you.


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